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What's Healthy: Facts, fallacies & fads

Body Positivity: Don't Let Your Mind Bully Your Body!

Be the Change: Tools to de-stress, be mindful, and calm the heck down!

Eating Disorders Pre-and-Post Bariatric Surgery: Identifying and Treating (presented at iaedp Symposium, 2023)

"This Isn't Helping": How Gender Impacts Patients in Eating Disorder Treatment (presented at iaedp Symposium, 2024)

Mental Health Resources, (presented virtually, 2/22/2024)

How to De-Stress (presented @Johnson & Johnson, 5/2024)

4-H Ambassador Mental Health Fair (presentation on Body Image, 5/21/2024)

NJBizFest and Wellness Expo (6/13/2024)

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